This air purifier can remove dust, pollen and smoke effectively. The places such as indoors, smoking zone, parlors, etc, have much smoke, dust, pollen and other particle pollutants, it will reduce the possibility of being affected by passive smoking and protect you and your family's health. Equipped with the multifunctional filter, which can effectively remove the particulate matters in the air and eliminate PM2.5, formaldehyde, odour(smoke), to make the air you breathe clean and fresh.

HEPA Air Purifier Cleaner -Cleans& Removes Allergens Dust Smokers For Large Room

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£71.99Sale Price
  • Features:
    3 Stage Filtration System: Pre-filter, true HEPA(H12) filter and activated carbon filter, it can remove 90% rate of formaldehyde.
    Ozone Free: 100% ozone free, we don't use ultraviolet or ions that will produce large amounts of harmful air pollutant ozone. 
    Three Air Quality Indicator: Air quality indicator, red indicate poor air quality, green indicate good air quality and blue indicate excellent air quality, it also support 1-8 hours cycle timing setting.
    Intelligent Auto Air Volume Control With Large Cover Area: Intelligently auto switch air volume according to environmental pollution concentration with 28 square meters (301 sq ft)use area and the air purification volume is up to 220 square meters per hour, so you can enjoy clean air anywhere at home or office.
    Sleep Mode & Three Speed Switch: Speed button control sleep mode and low, medium, fast three speed, it will display correspondence wind speed under three speed mode. 
    Deeply Clean The Air: It can absorb the smoke, pollen, dust and filter the bacteria in the air. With anti-bacterial function, it also can deeply clean the air and effectively remove PM2.5, formaldehyde, TVOC, odour(smoke), etc, in the air.

  • Specifications:
    Brand: Floureon 
    Model Number: TKJ220F-A1
    3 Air Quality Indicator: Red, Green, Blue 
    Voltage: 220~240V
    Frequency: 50~60Hz
    CADR: 220 m3/h
    PM2.5 Removal Rate: >99.5% (E12)
    Watts: 45W
    Area Served: 28㎡
    Noise Level: ≤59 dB
    Fan Speed: High/Middle/Low 
    Cover Area: 28 square meters
    Air Purification Volume: 220 square meters per hour
    Body Material: Plastic
    Control Panel: ABS+silk screen
    Electrical Strength: 3750V/0.5mA/1s
    Motor Temperature: CLASS E <65K 120℃
    Leakage Current: <0.25mA
    Standby Power Consumption: <1W
    Area Of Application: (0.07~0.12)*CADR
    Clean Air Delivery Rate: 220m³/h
    Removal Rate Of Formaldehyde: >90%(30m³cabin/6h)
    Hepa Filter Level: H12 
    Purify Content: Pollen, dust, soot, gaseous pollutants, etc
    Air Quality Display: Three colors light display (red: poor, green: good, blue: excellent)
    Power Board: 230V~ 50Hz 
    Motor: 16W,1100RPM,AC 230V/60Hz,0.224A
    Anion Generator: 1W,1*10^6pcs/cm³
    Dust Sensor: DC5V
    Filter: Composite filter net (Initial filtration +HEPA (H12)+ activated carbon)
    Fan Blade: ф210*78mm,ABS+GP15%
    Product Size: 50.5 * 30.9 * 17.7cm / 19.88 * 12.2 * 6.97in
    Product Weight: 5390g / 190oz

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