This projector is suitable for private theatre and children education. 

Handhold size makes it portable for outside use! A suitable child projector——YG300!

Its 50 Lumens brightness and 320*240 native resolution provide exceptional display quality. 

Support aspect ratio between both 16:9 and 4:3. 

It is a good choice for home theatre, and also great toy projector for kids play and education.



Brand: Excelvan

100% brand new and high quality. 

LED projector with 50 lumens, and a resolution of 320*240pixels. 

Projection size up to 60 inches, projection distance from 1m to 3.8m.

Multi-selection interface: HDMI USB AV input SD. 

Can support DVD, Xbox, PS4, Mobile phone etc. 

Speakers built-in projector, no need connect with any extra speakers.



Projector system: Led

Physical Resolution: 320*240, support 1080P 

Brightness: 50 lumens

Contrast: 300:1 

Aspect ratio: 4:3 / 16:9

Picture flip: 360 degree flip 

Projection method: front / ceiling 

Image Size: 24-60inch 

Input: HDMI USB AV input SD . 

Total power: 24W 

Product Size: 13*8.5*4.5cm 

Product Weight: 246g



1 x Projector 

1 x Remote Control 

1 x Power cable

1 x AV cable 

1 x User's manual 


Distance and Size:

4:3 screen

Screen Size (inch)

Screen Width (Y) (cm)

Screen Height(X) (cm)

Projection Distance(D) (m)


















Multimedia Format: 



Audio File

MP3 / WMA / M4A / AAC / Seven kinds of sound effects SRS

Image File

Support Common format like Jpeg, BMP, PNG and so on. 

Support image scaling; 360 spins, be able to browse imame in full screen 

Video File

Support format like MP4, RMVB, AVI, RM, MKV, etc.

Txt reading

Support TXT format and auto flip



The possibility reason

1.when turn on the power switch,

the indicator light do not work

◎The power can do not connect well

◎The power switch fuse is burned

◎Check the over-heat protection system

2. The remote control can not turn on the projector


◎The power switch turns on or off?

◎The remote control out of battery?

◎Something stands between the remote and IR

◎Strong light on IR directly

The 3.No image on the screen


◎Is the channel set-up correct?

◎Is there an input signal?

◎Is the input cable plugged well ?

◎Under the PC model, is the refresh rate >75KHz?

◎When the projector connect with the notebook,

set the screen as VGA mode

4.Auto-off after working for a while


◎The projector ventilation is block

◎The voltage is not stable

◎The overheat protection system



① Q:Blue screen, no picture, no sound

A:Input cables connected right?

② Q:Picture right,no sound

A:Input cables connected right?

Volume at min. Or on Mute

③ Q:Audio right, no picture

A:Input signal connected right?

In VGA mode,The PC refresh rate >75Hz

In VGA mode,The PC contrast ratio is >1024*768

④ Q:Can't find devices when plugged with a hard drive or fresh drive

A:Re-plug the device

Check if the device is broken

⑤ Q:Can't play the movies

A:The format of the video is right?

Files are broken?

A device is broken?

⑥ Q:There is a picture, no sound?

A:The decode system doesn't match

Portable Mini Projector YG300 3D HD LED Home Theater Cinema 1080p AV USB SD HDMI

SKU: 000010
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